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Programme evaluation and research are not easy tasks to undertake, especially if the process is new to you.  ASSURE (Applied Social Science Unit for Research and Evaluation) was founded to help people undertake these activities either as commissioners or as contributing participants. 
Since 1999 ASSURE has been bringing practitioners, managers and academics together producing reports and turning evaluation into a living process through which to take a project or programme into a sustainable future.  We have worked with over 70 organisations from health, public health, Clinical Commissioning Groups, local authorities, government agencies, criminal justice services, policing services, social work, professional organisations, education, the Voluntary, Faith and Community sectors.   As part of our offer we can facilitate workshops and meetings during the evaluation, produce interim reports, facilitate feedback events and post report engagements turning findings into functions working closely with delivery teams, their managers and other stakeholders. 
Each piece of work is tailored to the needs of the individual commissioner.  In some cases this has resulted in capacity building within teams, listening to stakeholder views, bringing organisations together to consider the challenges they face to ensure sustainability whilst ensuring good practice.  We have the expertise and flexibility to meet a wide range of needs: from the most complex of assessments to smaller programme evaluations with limited resources. No matter the size of the project, our approach is considered and client-centred.
Specialist areas of research include those relating to alcohol and substance misuse (including Confidential Inquiries), social work delivery, the development of innovative health care delivery including Integrated Care and services for older people. 

ASSURE is based within the Department of Sociology and is a member of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
Dr. Cheryl Simmill-Binning
Co-Director of ASSURE
(Applied Social Science Unit for Research and Evaluation)
Department of Sociology,
Bowland North,
Lancaster University.
Tel: 01524 594126

Dr. Ian Paylor,
Co-Director of ASSURE,
Department of Sociology,
Bowland North,
Lancaster University.

Tel: 01524 594127
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